Top 10 Pharma Companies in India 2015

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Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is the flagship company of the Torrent Group, head-quartered in Ahmedabad.

It is one of the leading drugs and chemicals manufacturer and pharmaceutical innovators of India. It was founded by UN Mehta as Trinity Laboratories Ltd and was later name changed to Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, which is its current name.


In last few years it has significantly expanded its scale of operations, and has made its place in the top pharma giants list.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals’ operates over more than 50 countries across the length and breadth of the globe with a great product portfolio consisting of 1000 product registrations globally. The company specializes in Formulations, Drug Discovery, API, Marketing and Sales of Drugs.

Moreover, it has 7 fully owned subsidiaries:

1. Torrent Pharma GmbH, Germany

2. Heumann Pharma GmbH & Co Generica KG, Germany

3. Torrent Pharma Philippines Inc., Philippines

4. Torrent do Brasil Ltda., Brazil

5. Torrent Pharma Inc., United States

6. ZAO Torrent Pharma, Russia

7. Torrent Pharma Canada Inc., Canada

Torrent Pharmaceuticals acquired the Heumann GmbH, a subsidiary of Pfizer group company in 2005. Which is considered to be the most important strategic move in the history of this company. This led them to utilize the operational capacity of the company and build its product portfolio dverse and stronger.

Some of the renowned products of them are Nicorandil, Risperidone, Lamotrigine, Esomeprazole Sodium etc.

Revenues INR. 3364.87Crores

Market Capitalization INR. 21263.68Crores

Profit INR. 762.34Crores

Total No. of Patents in their name 6

Consolidated Ranking Index 7802.486

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