Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in India 2015

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1. TCS - Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services, founded in the year 1968 is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Home to more than three lakh people TCS is placed among the most valuable ‘Big4’ IT Service brand Worldwide. It has been the face of Indian IT Industry and a strong name in the global IT sector.


TCS provides umbrella of services to its customer some of which are Performance Management, Business Process Service, Consulting, Enterprise Solutions, iON Small and Medium Enterprise, IT Services. TCS BaNCS, TCS MasterCraft, TCS Technology Products are some of its well-known software. TCS, leading the way for Indian IT firms has also made in the Top 100 Brand Finance List in the USA. In the recent accolades TCS was ranked number 1 IT Service provider for Manufacturing in Europe, Middle East and Africa by International Corporation in 2014.

TCS has also been involved in sponsorship of various events and sports teams, especially in IPL cricket league.TCS has global subsidiaries like CMC Limited, TCS China, TRDDC, Computational Research Laboratories. The presence of Tata group as its parent company, gives the company a great financial edge and makes it the number one IT company in India

Revenue: Rs 64672.93 Crore

Net Profit: Rs 18474.92 Crore

Market Capitalisation: Rs 487919.14 Crore

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The Methodology used to rank the companies are mentioned below:

1.All the Indian IT companies having at least Rs. 500 Crore (Revenue), Positive Profit and Rs. 1000 Crore (Market Capitalization) are considered as a first level cut-off to consider them for ranking.

2.For each parameter, highlighted in bold above, the companies are arranged in ascending order individually i.e. 3 different ascending order list for 3 different parameters.

3.The process of normalisation is then followed, For example: the company with highest revenue is assigned 100 points. All the others companies in the revenue list is then assigned points with respect to the leader in that list.

Like the second companies points are;

(Total Revenue of the Company/Total Revenue of 1st Company) * 100.

Similarly the third company points are assigned keeping the denominator same as above.

4.Similar process is followed for other two parameters i.e. Profits and Market Capitalization.

5.Finally a consolidated list is prepared where the points obtained from all the three parameters are added. Maximum possible score which can be obtained by a company is 300.

6.The list of top 10 companies is then prepared based on the points obtained by them. The company getting the maximum point is assigned top rank and so on till all 10 companies are obtained.

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