Top 10 Media & Broadcasting companies in the World 2015

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9. DISH Network

DISH Network was founded by Charles W. Ergen, Cantey W. Ergen and James DeFranco in 1980. It is currently headed by Mr. Charles Ergen and is headquartered in Englewood,

Colorado, U.S. DISH Network is basically a direct-broadcast satellite service provider and provides services like satellite television, satellite internet, audio programming and interactive television services. The company was separated from its parent company Echostar in 2008 but Echostar still remains a technology provider to DISH Network. DISH Network operates through nine owned and leased satellites to provide various Dish TV channel services. A customer can pay more money to subscribe to more number of channels. The assembly of receiver for the company takes place in India, Mexico and Guadalajara. DISH Network was the first company to provide the industry with High Definition TV (HDTV) tuner. With approximately 19000 employees the company provides services to around 13.8 million subscribers.

Sales: $14.6 B

Profits: $945 M

Assets: $22.1 B

Market Value: $32.9 B

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