Top 10 Media & Broadcasting companies in the World 2015

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1. Comcast

Comcast Corporation was founded by Ralph J. Roberts, Daniel Aaron Julian A. Brodsky in 1963. It is currently headed by Mr. Brian Roberts and is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is the largest broadcasting company in the world in terms of the revenues and profits earned. Along with media and entertainment it also provides high-speed internet and phone services to its customers. The company operates through three major segments which are Cable communications, Broadcast television and Filmed entertainment. The cable communications segment is responsible for the internet services of Comcast while its television broadcasting is operated through NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks. The filmed entertainment segment involves the operations of universal pictures that is responsible for the production and distribution of films and stage plays across the world. The company has approximately 139,000 employees.

Sales: $68.8 B

Profits: $8.4 B

Assets: $159.3 B

Market Value: $147.8 B

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Top 20 broadcasting companies in the world were selected

Four parameters for ranking was used which are revenues, profits, assets and market capitalization.

The best way to rank broadcasting industry would be to give maximum weights to revenues and profits.

Accordingly a 30 percent weight was given to both revenues and profits while a 20 percent weight was given to both assets and market value.

These weightage hence made 100 percent providing a single dollar value for all the 20 companies (the formula being; 0.3*revenues+0.3*profits+0.2*assets+0.2*market value)

The companies were then sorted out with maximum dollar value being the top company.

The above methodology gave a list of top 20 media and broadcasting companies according to all the four parameters which are revenues, profits, assets and market value

Top 10 out of these 20 companies were then selected to prepare the original list of rankings.

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