Top 10 FMCG Companies in the World 2015

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8. Mondelez international

Famous for its Cadbury brand named after one of its founder John Cadbury ;  Mondelez international is an American Multinational conglomerate.

The color of Cadbury has been patented by the company, Mondelez. It is headquartered in Deerfield, Illionois in Chicago and in 2012 it changed its name from Kraft foods to Mondelez International.


The name was proposed by Kraft Foods employees which is combination of two words world and delicious in latin language. Just like its name the company aims to  serve the taste buds of humanity world-wide through its delicious milk products.  In 2012 a spin-off happened in which the grocery business was named as Kraft foods and the other food and confectionary business was renamed as Mondelez International. It recorded net profit $ 3.8 billion in 2014. In 2014 it announced its acquisition with Douwe Egberts a dutch tea manufacturing company increasing its portfolios of brands

Mondelez International's history can be traced back to two companies National Dairy Products and Kraft foods. National Dairy Products Corporation was formed in 1923 by Thomas H. McInnerney which competed in dairy market of America. Its current headquarter is the location of an ice-cream company named Hydrox Corporation operated by Thomas McInnerney. Kraft foods was formed in 1909 by James Kraft and his brothers and they specialized in making pasteurized processed cheese. The U.S dairy market saw consolidation and National Dairy merged with Kraft and this followed a series of acquisition of various companies like Dart, Philip Morris etc. Its most famous brand Cadbury was added to its portfolio in 2010 when Kraft acquired Cadbury group for 19.5 billion. The takeover was initially rejected in 2009 by Cadbury due to lower-valuation and resistance from government but finally succeeded making kraft and big player in food and confectionery market.

Net Sales : 34 billion $

Profit : 3.8 billion $

Countries Present in : 80

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