Top 10 FMCG Companies in the World 2015

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6. Coca-Cola

In 1985 whole of the world rejoiced when Coca-Cola decided to bring back its old flavored Coke and recall New Coke. Such is the effect this company has on the world.

Famous for its innovative marketing campaign this brand was ranked 3rd by Forbes in its global brand list.It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca Cola company was formed by  Asa Griggs Candler in 1892 and since then it follows the franchise model in which it sells the concentrated syrup of coca cola to various bottlers who manage the distribution across the world.


Its formula originated from a medical syrup developed to give instant energy and refreshment and is kept in a secret vault at its headquartered and is believed to be known to only few employees of the company.

It has increased its portfolio through series of acquisitions like minute maid and Indian brand Thums-up.It has 17 billion dollar plus brands and has 2014 revenues of around $49 billion with net profit of around $7 billion. It had also tried to diversify into unrelated business like purchase of columbia pictures in 80s but later it sold it to Sony to focus on its core products. It has built the brand over the years through emotional connect of Coke and claims to sell happiness rather than just a soft drink. Unlike its most famous rival Pepsi Coca-cola is less diversified in other food and snacks businesses. Its focused strategy has resulted into it being the largest soft-drink seller in the world. Coco cola has received a lot of criticism for health related effects of its flagship brand. Following the recent trend in software industry regarding the health concerns, Coca cola is strongly promoting calorie free products like Coke Zero, Diet coke etc.

Net Sales : 49 billion $

Profit : 7 billion $

Countries Present in : 180

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