Top 10 FMCG Companies in the World 2015

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4. Anheuser-Busch InBev

Owner of the BudWiser this company is the world’s largest brewer owning 25% of market share.

AB InBev is a company formed through series of mergers. 3 companies InterBrew, Ambev and Anheuser Busch currently merged together form AB InBev and InterBrew is a result of merger of two biggest Belgian brewers and Ambev is a result of merger of two biggest Brazilian brewers.


Interbrew and AmBev merged in 2004 to form InBev which in 2008 merged with American brewer Anheuser Busch to form AB-InBev. In our list this company is with the oldest history starting from 1336 where Den Hoorn an belgian brewer company was established which later became Interbrew.

The company has also grown through acquisition, the latest being that of Grupo Mondelo owner of Corona brand. It is the least diversified company in the list with beer being source of more than 95% of its revenues. This limits its scope but Its lack of presence in markets like Africa also indicates potential opportunity to growth.Currently it has over 200 brands in its portfolio and 16 brands are making more than 1 billion in revenues. It has brewing operations present in 25 countries and sells its product in over 100 countries. It recorded revenues of $46 billion in 2014 with net profit of $14 billion which is highest among the top 6 companies The Company follows a focused brand strategy with major investment on select brands. It classifies its brands as global, international and local and has different strategies for each segement. In 2013 it also opened a Bud Analytics Lab and plans to use analytics extensively in its further business strategies. It is the only company in the list to claim to be using analytics for operations, social media and large scale data science.

Net Sales : 47 billion $

Profit : 11 billion $

Countries Present in : 100

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