Top 10 FMCG Companies in the World 2015

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1. Procter & Gamble

Topping the list with Gillette being its most powerful global brand this company has over 150 years of History.  

Founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble this company is older than many countries. It has survived the industrial age, 2 world wars and has successfully entered the digital age constantly reinventing itself.


Based out of Ohio, USA P&G is present in many sectors like skin-care, health care, food etc. It owned more than 300 brands before the start of 2014 but now has decided to focus on its major brands and is dropping many brands.

In 2014 it had total revenue of $83 billion and an increased net profit of $11.6 billion for the fiscal year of 2014. It has presence over 180 countries which fairly explains how big mammoth this company is. Its top 50 brands represents 90% of its business and this fairly explains its renewed plans to focus on them shifting from a more complex company to a simpler one. The company is a mix of old consistent brands like Tide and newly acquired brands like Gillette.  Its diversification protects itself from a sub-sector slowdown and it has been one of the main reason for its sustainability in long-term.

Net Sales : 83 billion $

Profit : 11.6 billion $

Countries Present in : 180

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To arrive at this list following methodology was used

Step 1: Top 15 companies were shortlisted based on their revenues

Step 2: 3 parameters Revenues, Profits and Number of markets present in were scaled using Min-Max Normalization

Step 3: Normalized values were weighted with 40% Revenue, 50% Profit and 10% Countries Presence

Step 4: Based on the values, ranking was done.

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