Top 10 Companies in France 2015

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France is one of the major economies of the world, being the sixth largest by GDP and ninth largest by PPP. Post the Eurozone crisis the French economy waned, and rating agencies like Fitch and S&P have recently downgraded France to AA rating due to its rising debts. Nevertheless, President Francois Hollande is taking curative measures and the situation is improving.

Here the top 10 companies of France have been ranked by taking into account both the revenues and market capitalization. Equal weight has been given to both the parameters and the companies have been ranked in the descending order. 

10. Orange

With over 247 million customers worldwide, Orange S.A. is a multinational organization in the telecommunications industry.

It is headquartered in Paris, France and it was founded in 1991. Today, it is one of the largest mobile and internet service providers in Europe and Africa. It currently employs 155,000 people and it offers services and products in the field of data analytics, telephony, telecommunications and cloud computing. Orange has always kept its focus on innovation and has invested 780 million euros in the last year. Presently it is planning to introduce 5G in the European market by 2020. It offers services like mobile banking in Poland and has introduced mobile money in African market to involve more price sensitive customers.

Revenue: $52.3 billion

Market Value: $ 43.9 billion

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