Top 10 Companies in France 2015

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One of the six Supermajor oil companies, Total SA is headquartered in Courbevois, Paris.

It was founded in 1924, after World War I, when the French Prime Minister wanted an independent oil company instead of partnering with Royal Dutch Shell. Total currently operates in four segments: Upstream, refining and petrochemicals, supply and marketing, and nuclear power. Upstream consists of exploration and production of natural gas and other offshore projects. Through refining and petrochemicals, Total produces petrochemicals, specialty chemicals and fertilizers in 46 sites across the world. Supply and marketing deal with the supply of energy and petroleum to the users, through retail outlets or otherwise. Coming to nuclear power, Total is a relatively new entrant, but it plans to expand in that area. Total owns 1% stake in Areva, the biggest name among the nuclear businesses in the world. Total has played an active role in sponsoring racing events, where it supplies fuel and lubricants to the participating teams.

Revenue: $211.4 billion

Market Value: $120.2 billion

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