Top 10 Companies in South Africa 2015

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8. Bidvest

The Bidvest Group Limited is a South Africa base international Investment holding company.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa this company was founded in 1988 an entrepreneur, Brian Joffe. During the year of its formation it acquired the Chipkins Catering Supplies which was later on followed by the Sea World frozen food. The business model of Bidvest Group Limited is a decentralized one where each company under the Group has its own management. The Group expands its global presence by acquiring companies from a variety of industries. With sales figure of $15.17 billion it is the second largest company in South Africa in terms of its sales revenues.

The subsidiaries of the Bidvest Group operate in various industries such as services, distribution and trading. The four divisions of this company are – Bidvest South Africa, Bidvest Food service, Bidvest Namibia and Bidvest Corporate. The South African division has a huge variety of products and services offerings. These include travel management services; aviation services; freight management; security services; leading motor brands; consumer appliances; packaging and catering equipment and many other. The Food Service division mainly comprises of food service product distributors that serve independent business units in the food and food-ingredient manufacturing industries that include baked goods, meat, poultry, food processing, catering, hospitality, leisure etc. The Namibia division of the Bidvest is the holding company for company’s Namibia interests. It is further divided into two divisions namely Bidvest Namibia Commercial Holdings and Bidvest Namibia Fisheries Holdings. Fishing and commercial business form the major interests of Bidvest in Namibia. The Corporate division serves the decentralized operational divisions within Bidvest Group Limited by offering access to corporate finance, strategic decision, compliance, Bidvest brand Support, executive training, risk and sustainability issues.

Sales (in $ billions): 15.17

Profit (in $ billions): 0.4312

Market capitalization (in $ billions): 9.4

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