Top 10 Companies in South Africa 2015

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5. Telkom

Telkom SA Limited is a leading integrated telecommunications services provider in South Africa.

This company was founded in 1991 in Johannesburg, Transvaal province in South Africa and has its headquarters in Pretoria, Gauteng. 39% of the shareholdings of the company are held by the state and is therefore a semi-privatized, state-owned company. The products and services offered by Telkom include data, bundled voice broadband and internet services to both business as well as residential customers. The company is divided into three segments namely the Telkom SA Segment, the Multi-links segment and Other International Segment. The first segment provides fixed-mobile, fixed line access and data communication services all over South Africa while the Multi-links segment provides the above mentioned services along with international communication services in Nigeria. Internet services outside South Africa and management services are provided by the Other International segment. These international internet services are provided through Africa Online and MWEB Africa subsidiaries while the management services are provided through Telkom Management Services Company.

Telkom is operational in 38 countries in Africa. It has also expanded its data and voice services in Africa by a number of acquisitions like the Kenyan ISP Africa Online and the Nigerian mobile operator Multi-links. The African Online (AFOL) added to Telkom’s expansion strategy as it was a Pan African Internet services provider in about eight countries of Africa while in South Africa it had entered into a joint venture with Verizon. Multi-links on the other hand was a private player in telecommunications services provider catering primarily to the needs of corporate clients in Nigeria. With a market capitalization of $2.6 billion (as of May 2015) and profit summing up to $5.14 billion this company is one of the largest profit making companies in South Africa.

Sales (in $ billions): 5.14

Profit (in $ billions): 5.14

Market capitalization (in $ billions): 2.6

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