Top 10 Companies in South Africa 2015

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1. Sasol

Sasol Limited, an integrated energy and chemicals company was established in South Africa in 1950.

It is the largest corporate taxpayer in the country and also stands to be South Africa’s one of the largest investors in Capital projects, technological R&D and skills development. Sasol is an international company with an employee base of more than 32,400 employees working in 37 different countries. The company’s operating model is value chain based organized into 2 upstream business units along with three regional hubs and four customer facing strategic business units. These are in turn supported by fit-for-purpose functions.

It produces a wide range of high value streams of products ranging from chemicals and liquid fuels low-carbon electricity. The main products produces by Sasol limited include chemical components, fuel components and co-products. These are produced by employing the company’s proprietary processes and technology. Value adding processes are further applied to the main products to produce petrol, diesel, kerosene, LPG, polymers solvents etc. These products play a very important role in the production processes of our day to day usage products like paints, mobile circuit boards, compact discs, transport fuels, printing ink and many more.

Sasol limited has been the vanguard of innovation since its inception in the 1950s. It has developed and also commercialized various innovative technologies related to energy. Currently this company has a very strong intellectual property portfolio comprising of more than 500 registered patent families. The technology areas where Sasol has developed expertise include Syngas generation, Sasol hydrocarbon synthesis (Sasol HCS), refinery technologies like syncrude processing and hydrocracking, chemical technologies like hydroformylation and paraffin activation, environmental science like waste water processing and solid waste handling and alternative energy like terrestrial biomass processing etc.

Sasol limited is also actively involved in various social investments and sponsorships. While it devotes most of its sponsorship investment to sports it also invests in environmental conservation programmes. It sponsors national teams like the South Africans Women’s football Team and the South African Paralympics team. Corporate initiatives like Nepad business foundation, Business trust and Black Management Forum are also supported by Sasol.

Sales (in $ billions): 18.83

Profit (in $ billions): 3.36

Market capitalization (in $ billions): 21.9

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Ranking criteria

1. The parameters chosen for ranking the companies are market capitalization, profit and sales

2. 14 South African companies are selected with minimum Market capitalization of $2.5 billion, minimum profits of $0.5 billion and minimum Sales of $3 billion

3. Three separate rank lists were prepared according Market Capitalization only, profits only and sales only

4. Certain points were assigned to each company in these three lists depending on their rank. For example in the list sorted (from largest to smallest) according to market capitalization, the company with rank 1 is assigned 100 points. All the other companies are assigned points according to the following formula:

[Point assigned to a company = (Market Capitalization of the Company/Market Capitalization of the rank 1 Company)*100]

5. Step 4 is repeated to score companies in the other two lists (Profits only, Sales only)

6. Points obtained from these three lists are added for each company

7. The final list of top 10 companies is prepared according to the total points obtained in the step 6

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