Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Brands in 2015

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Global mobile phone shipments reached a record of 441 million units up 2% during Q1 2015 compared to previous year but some markets such as China, India, USA and Europe slowed down. The list of top mobile phones brands is led by Samsung, Apple whereas the brands like Xiaomi, ZTE and Huawei continue to be strong. LG and Lenovo continue to be in the middle challenging the top positions.
Smartphone shipments also touched record of 342 million units for the first quarter of 2015 growing 16%. Smartphones now represent 78% of all mobile phones shipped during this quarter (68% in Q1 2014) as feature phone demand continued to shrink fast globally. Chinese brands continue to rise on their smartphone designs which are getting thinner and metallic, narrowing portfolios and multiple brands for multiple channels allowing them to penetrate further in the market. Top 8 smartphone brands captured almost two-third of the global smartphone market. This ranking is based on Total Shipments in Q1 2015 and Q4 2014 as well as average global market share captured by the mobile brands during these two quarters. This list also captures feature phone shipments with smartphone shipments.

10. Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile is jointly headquartered in Japan and Sweden.

It was founded in 2001 and it has R&D facilities in Tokyo, Chennai, Lund, Beijing and Silicon Valley. Sony merged with Ericsson in April 2001 to form Sony Ericsson, which focused on digital photography and personal information management capabilities.  Few flagship devices of Sony are Sony Xperia Z3+, Sony Xperia Z4 etc.

The downfall of Symbian operating system firstly by Apple’s iPhone and then by Google’s Android has affected Sony’s position in the market. In February 2012 Sonny acquired Ericsson’s stake in Sony Ericsson and Sony Ericsson became Sony Mobile Communications, wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corp. With acquiring stakes in Ericsson, in 2013 it has shifted its headquarter totally to Tokyo to integrate with its parent company Sony Corporation. Sony Mobile decided to phase out all feature phones by September 2012 and started focussing completely on smartphone segment only. The first Sony-only mobile was the Sony Xperia S along with Sony Xperia U and Sony Xperia P featured at 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Sony has recently closed its Playstation Mobile due to its rocky history and heavy losses in Mobile division. Sony Vaio will enter in smartphone business soon.

Q4 2014 Shipments: 10.10 Million

Q1 2015 Shipments: 7.9 Million

Global Mobile Handsets Market Share in Q4 2014: 2.01%

Global Mobile Handsets Market Share in Q1 2015: 2.02%

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