Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Brands in 2015

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4. Lenovo (+ Motorola)

Lenovo is a Chinese computer technology company and was founded in 1984.

It has headquarters in Beijing, China and North Carolina, US.  Lenovo has operations in more than 16 countries and it sells its product in around 160 countries, which tells us about its globalpresence. Lenovo has R&D centres at 8 locations and 4 Countries namely China, US, Singapore and Japan.

Lenovo acquired IBM’s PC business in 2005. Lenovo entered into smartphone market in 2012 and quickly became the largest vendor of smartphones in Mainland China. In October 2014 Lenovo acquired Motorola Mobility from Google. In the deal Lenovo also got future product roadmap of Motorola. Lenovo mainly purchased Motorola due to long standing relationships of Motorola with cellular network operators in US and UK. Lenovo + Motorola combined shipments during the first quarter of 2015 is estimated to be close to 22 million units with Motorola and Lenovo reaching beyond its home market especially in Americas. However, Europe is still a weak spot for the Chinese vendor. Lenovo is stronger in low- to- mid tier whereas Motorola is more in mid- to high-tier and is helping Lenovo extend portfolio across all price-points and geographies. During this quarter Motorola launched refreshed version of Moto E. Lenovo is slowly moving towards an all-LTE portfolio in China.

Q4 2014 Shipments: 25.9 Million

Q1 2015 Shipments: 22.2 Million

Global Mobile Handsets Market Share in Q4 2014: 5.14%

Global Mobile Handsets Market Share in Q1 2015: 5.03%

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