Top 10 Pharma Companies in World 2015

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Following list covers the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in World 2015 based on two key parameters: a. Revenue b. R&D Spend

Revenue and R&D spend are parameters that are complementary in assessing a company’s position over the long run. While some would argue that Profit would be a more suitable parameter, revenue in this case would be an ideal parameter in the evaluation of the top pharma companies. In the pharmaceutical industry developing a drug takes several years and the new drug would not be an immediate source of income. However one might see it as the only way to ensure a company is sustainable in the long run.

10. AbbVie (US):

With an annual revenue of 18.8$bn and an R&D expenditure of 2.9$bn, this bio-pharmaceutical company was formed when Abbott Pharmaceutical split into two separate entities.

With its strong focus on research and strategic acquisitions it provides stiff competition to the leading companies in this industry. It recently announced it would acquire the oncology firm Pharmacyclics.

Abbvie has 25000 employees worldwide. Abbvie is focussed on helping people manage serious health conditions. It comprises of scientists, researchers, specialists, and regulatory experts. It has diverse portfolio and a 100+ year old legacy. It has over 40 brands in its portfolio.

It came into existence in 2013.

Annual Revenue : 18.8$bn

R&D Spent : 2.9$bn

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