Top 10 Pharma Companies in World 2015

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9. Eli Lilly (US): 

With annual revenue of $23.1bn and an R&D expenditure of $5.5bn, this Global pharmaceutical company was formed by an American Pharmaceutical chemist.

Lilly was pioneering in several fields including being the first to mass-produce pencillin,polio vaccine and insulin.It is also the world’s largest distributer and manufacturer of psychiatric medications.

The company was founded in 1876 making it one of the oldest in the trade. It has approximately 41000 employees worldwide. It has a large global presence (120 countries). It has its R&D centres in 6 countries (8000 employees are involved in R&D) and manufacturing units in 13 countries. Eli Lilly is known for its focus on R & D. It is present in various fields of medicine like bio-medicine, diabetes, oncology and even Animal Health.

Annual Revenue : $23.1bn

R&D Spent : $5.5bn

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