Top 10 Pharma Companies in World 2015

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8. AstraZeneca (UK):

With annual revenue of $25.7bn and an R&D expenditure of $4.3bn, this British multinational pharmaceutical company was formed by the result of a merger itself.

It has an extremely diverse portfolio of drugs in several departments including neuroscience and cancer. It has operations in several countries including India. It focuses extensively on R&D and acquisition activities all built around extending its pipeline.

The company employs 57500 employees worldwide distributed across various geographies. It has manufacturing centres in 16 countries and sells in approximately 100 countries. It was formed on 1999. It has large portfolio across various fields of medicine (CVMD, Oncology, Respiratory, autoimmunity, neuroscience etc).

Annual Revenue : $25.7bn

R&D Spent : $4.3bn

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