Top 10 Pharma Companies in World 2015

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1. Johnson & Johnson (US):

With annual revenue of $71.3bn and an R&D expenditure of $8.2bn, this American company is in the fortune 500 list.

It produces packaged consumer goods, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.Its portfolio includes several over the counter drugs as well as well known consumer goods like Band-aid.In the pharmaceutical area it deals with mainly immunology, neuroscience and oncology.

Johnson & Johnson is involved in multiple businesses like devices, pharmaceutical and packaged goods. It has 126000 employees approximately across the world. Johnson & Johnson has operations in about 60 countries with 265 operating companies. The history of Johnson & Johnson can be traced back to 1886 when it was founded in New Jersey by three Johnson brothers. Their famous brand Band-Aid was launched in 1921.

Annual Revenue : $71.3bn

R&D Spent : $8.2bn

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Methodology :

Weight Assigned to Revenue and R&D Spend

Revenue  (Assigned weight)

R&D Spend (Assigned weight)



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