Top 10 Sportswear Brands of the World 2015

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There is no greater unifying agent than sports. Across countries and cultures, races and religions, sporting events and the love for sports has brought people together since time immemorial. In the fast moving world of today where the internet has succeeded in further splitting up of nuclear families and greater emotional distance than ever before, the importance of sports more than the physical exercise can’t be emphasized enough. Aiding and abating the conduct and promotion of sporting events across the globe are the top brands whose name is often synonymous with the game, and the brand identification and loyalty to these sporting world giants is indeed remarkable. Here is a list of the top 10 Sportswear Brands of the world as of 2015 based on the net sales as estimated in the FY 2014.

Ranking Criteria Used

Top 15 globally renowned sportswear companies are considered and their revenues for the financial year 2014 are compared to assign rankings.

10. Umbro

Umbro serves as a sportswear supplier operating out of Manchester, England.

It has been under the ICONIX Brand group since 2012 and currently has sells in over 90 countries from corner to corner of the world. Umbro currently makes all kinds of sportswear and clothing including training gear and football boots. Just after the purchase of the brand by the ICONIX Group in the year 2013, the initial main merchandise release from Umbro was the UX-1, a technologically superior football boot nominated as one of the best releases of the year. Umbro is the official supplier and also the sponsor of the national football teams of many countries which include Ireland, Peru and Zimbabwe and major leagues like the FFW Cup and Super Liga. In 2007, Umbro fashioned their novel waterproof soccer boots, the Ultra SX. To rejoice, Umbro also created a special motion picture that featured Portuguese star Deco playing football in a tank filled with water, wearing his Umbro Ultra SX football boots all the way through. Early in the year 2013 Umbro was bought by the famous Iconix Brand Group, an US-based corporation which owns many famous brands which includes Peanuts, Rocawear and Starter. Instantly focusing Umbro back on the football pitch, the deal marked the beginning of an exhilarating new expansion in Umbro’s history. This was followed by a novel deal with Premier League giant Everton in the 2014/15 season. The deal was closely followed by deals with Hull City, Derby County, FC Nantes and also the Dutch squad of NAC Breda.

Revenue in the FY 2014: $235.23 M

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