Top 10 Sportswear Brands of the World 2015

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8. Fila

The Fila brand name has over 100 years of legacy with their roots dating back to 1911 and the fabric mills of Biella in the northern part of Italy.

Fila also has forever been associated with the leaders from an assortment of sports which include tennis, skiing, basketball, motor racing, golf, football and running. The sportsmen stand out not only for their unforgettable achievement, but also for the exclusive Fila design they were so closely connected with. Fila is also pompously worn by models and celebrities across the world, who value the style and quality that Fila offers. Founded in Italy in 1911, the headquarters were shifted to South Korea in 2007 with the takeover by Fila Korea. With offices in over 11 countries worldwide, Fila stands as one of the world’s chief sportswear manufacturing companies. With a rich historical background, Fila has been part of several large scale sponsorships like with the Australian Cricket Team, the South Korean Men’s Football team, Tennis legends like Kim Clijsters and Boris Becker and many others. They are also visible in plenty of vastly popular games such as Crazy Taxi. Fila as a brand name were deeply featured in ‘Soul Man’, a 1986 classic and in the extensively well-liked HBO Crime Series, ‘The Sopranos’. With a market capitalization approximated to be around $1.1 T, Fila is certainly a giant in the sporting cosmos.

Revenue in the FY 2014: $847.09 M

Estimated Revenue in the quarter ending on May-June ’15: $207.98 M

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