Top 10 Sportswear Brands of the World 2015

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4. Asics

ASICS is the short form for the antique Latin phrase ‘Anima Sana in Corpore Sano’, which portrays their shared thinking of striving for a ‘sound mind in a sound body’.

Part of a larger conglomerate Asics Ltd Headquartered in Japan and devoted to producing sporting equipment and apparel, Asics is a global player in the sportswear sector with about $3.5 B in revenue coming from the sportswear section. It became the official jersey sponsor for the Australian National Cricket team in the year 2011, replacing German Giants ADIDAS. Generally playing in the upper price range, Asics has tremendous brand recognition in Asia and Australia and the Asics Ltd. Group in total enjoys yearly revenue of about $500 B. Initially originating as a manufacturer of basketball shoes, Asics moved on to a range of other diverse sports activities in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, notable the Mexico ’66 Olympic Design.  In the recent Olympic year 2012, ASICS was able to provide a number of products filled with latest features to challenging athletes, including carbon-fiber shoes with spikes for track-and-field, fighting clothes and shoes, and swimsuits meant for competitions incorporating technology developed at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science through collaboration with universities and material manufacturers.

Revenue in the FY 2014: $3.5 B

Estimated Revenue in the quarter ending on May-June ’15: $699.74 M

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