Top 10 FMCG Companies in Australia 2015

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9. Tassal Group

Considering the specialty of Australia being the natural cover of water it enjoys, this group has identified business opportunity from the nature.

Tassal group is a pioneer of Salmon farming in Australia. Salmon is a sea-fish quite popular for its taste, availability and variety of dishes it can be used in. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Hobart Tassal group is the largest Salmon producing company in Australia. It is involved in whole-sales as well as retail selling of Salmon. However its retail outlets are limited to 3 located nearby the fish harvesting facilities and its majority of business is from exporting and whole-selling operations of Salmon. In 2014 Tassal had a market capitalization of $477 million and revenues of $272 million. It is also the largest employer of Tasmania an island which is a part of Australia.

Similar to any manufacturing company Tassal group’s capacity is 5.5 million smolt a year and considering the high demand for Salmon its growth is constrained by capacity and population of Salmon. To overcome population problems Tassal has started breeding operations to maintain long term sustainability. Tassal also manages the processing and packaging operations and has 3 major facilities for the same. Tassal follows a selective breeding program to improve quality of Salmon and has applied various scientific procedures to improve the yield. Considering the declining population of Salmon and concerns raised by government of Australia and WWF, Tassal group has started producing sustainability report regarding their practices, breeding programs and statistics regarding Salmon population of the sea. Considering its steps Tassal group became the first Australian to be awarded certification regarding Best Aquaculture practices.

Market Cap (billion dollars): 0.477

Revenues (billion dollars): 0.272

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