Top 10 FMCG Companies in Australia 2015

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7. Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory

Claiming to be the oldest dairy of Australia WCBF is one of the major milk supplier to Australia as well as to the world.

It is headquartered in Victoria, Australia. It was founded in 1888 by local milk producers and farmers to collectively market their product. Its beginning is similar to India’s AMUL story where after the establishment of proper supply chain of milk, it diversified into making cheese and butter however later it entered into various alliances and buyouts of companies to grow more quickly rather than building it from scratch. Recently it acquired Everyday cheese business Lion diary adding one more to its long list of acquisitions. Interestingly this company has experience two disastrous fires in its history within the stretch of 50 years which almost destroyed its milk processing capablitites but has stood the test and rebuilt twice from scratch. Its flagship product is Sungold milk which is a very common brand in Australia. It has excess production capacity and hence exports its products under private label or collaboration with major companies. After its beginning it established various milk processing units across Australia and also expanded in countries like Japan. Today 50% of its milk gets exported across the world. Supoto, a Canadian giant of milk and milk products has recently acquired around 87 % of stake in the company since it wanted to increase its presence overseas especially in Australian market. Although today WCBF is operated independently it is rumored that Supoto will soon make it is own subsidiary unless it faces resistance from government. In 2014 WCBF recorded revenues of $ 265 million and has market capitalization of around $549 million.

Market Cap (billion dollars): 0.549

Revenues (billion dollars): 0.265

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