Top 10 FMCG Companies in Australia 2015

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6. Blackmores limited

This company is the Australia’s most trusted vitamin and health brand.

Australia being a country of athletes with many Olympic golds, this company rides on that image serving Australian as well as sports industry worldwide. Although pharma companies are not considered FMCG, Blackmores all the products are Consumer Health care and over-the-counter products and hence available without any prescription. Along with providing health care products Blackmores limited also provide advisory services regarding individuals health plans, right consumption of Blackmore’s product etc and has over 55,000 customers through the advisory business. Its famous brands include EcoKrill which has right amount of nutrients needed for daily work. Since 6 years it is considered to be the most valued nutrient brand of Australia.

Blackmores traces its history back to 1930s when Maurice Blackmore started a food store innovating in the nutrients segment. Today Blackmores own over 250 brands of health care products and has pioneered several innovations in the segment in its 80 years of history. Blackmore groups divides its operations into four major segments namely :

1. BioCeuticals

This division focuses on providing nutrient supplements across Australia. It takes of operations ranging from manufacturing to testing and retail delivery of products.

2. Pure Animal Wellbeing (PAW)

This is a relatively new division which focuses on the well-being of animal. It markets its products differently through vets and pet-stores.

3. Blackmores Institute

This is the place from where blackmore drives its innovation. IT has a team of over 10000 pharmacists to look at research and has collaboration with various universities.

4. International

This division looks after the export operations and has offices in Malaysia, Hong-Kong, New Zealand etc. Although more than 80% of revenues are through domestic sales, this division is growing slowly.

In 2014 it had market capitalization of $1.2 billion and annual revenues of $206 million. Considering the recent trends of higher focus on healthcare, this company has huge prospects to grow beyond.

Market Cap (billion dollars): 1.27

Revenues (billion dollars): 0.206

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