Top 10 Airlines in the World 2015

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1. United Continental Holdings

United Continental Holdings was formed on 30 December 1968 with the name United Air Lines, Inc. as a part of reorganization of United Airlines.

A publicly traded airline holding company, the holdings company was given its present form on 1 October 2010 with a merger between Continental and United airlines. United Continental Holdings is headquartered in the Willis Tower, Chicago, USA. United is a founding member of star alliance and has a fleet size of 705 and flies to 374 destinations. The airlines of this holding serve a worldwide area and the carrier has a number of subsidiaries like Cape Air, Shuttle America, Silver Airways, SkyWest Airlines and others. Headed by Jeffery A. Smisek, the holding had 87867 employees in 2013. The airline strives for diversity and inclusion and strives to become the airlines the customers want to fly.

Sales: $38.9 B

Profits: $1.1 B

Number of Passengers: 138,029,000

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Ranking Methodology:

The ranking of the top 10 airlines is based on three parameters: Sales, Profit and Number of passengers who used the airline. Profits indicate how efficiently an airline is operating and also helps in employment generation. Sales and Number of passengers indicate how successful is the airline in attracting customers and whether the airline is a preferred airline or not.

1. Top 17 airlines were chosen according to criteria that the airlines made profit.

2. For the 17 airlines the sales, profits and number of passengers’ parameters were considered.

3. The airlines were ranked on the three parameters.

4. The ranks obtained in 3 for the parameters for a company were added.

5. Companies were arranged in descending order of cumulative values and top 10 were found. With lowest sum ranked as 1 and so on.

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