Top 10 Companies in Canada 2015

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8. Imperial Oil Limited

Imperial Oil is Canada's 2nd largest integrated oil company after Suncor Energy.

Although 2nd by revenue Imperial Oil has better operational efficiency and hence ranked above Suncor. Imperial Oil was founded in 1880 in the midst of oil thirst of manufacturing industries by 16 small refiners in Ontario province of North Western Canada. Exxon Mobil one of the biggest oil company of the world holds a majority 70% stake in Imperial Oil. However operations of Imperial Oil are completely separate and operated by its own team.Its major operations are present in Alberta and North West territories of Canada which have vast oil reserves. It also manages the retail and marketing operations of its products through Esson brand, Tiger Express and On the Run. Along with retail oil, it provides petrochemical solutions for industries. It has also collaborated with various banks and developed an Esso Brand of oil for smart payments and quality.

Operations of Imperial Oil can be divided into pre-1946 and post that. Pre-1946 most of the oil discovered was used in world wars sent through ships and the quantity refined by imperial oil was very less. In February 1947 Imperial Oil found huge reserves in Leduc oil reef which began the oil revolution in Canada and it also has its current headquarters. Canada has 2nd largest deposits of oil sands in the world. Oil sands are mixture sand,clay and oil and requires superior technology to extract oil. Imperial Oil has also maintained significant stake in allied companies such as in Alberta Oil Sands and Sandcrude, and in 1989 it acquired Texaco's Canadian operations. key innovators in oil sand technology. Imperial Oil has been the longest sponsor of Hockey night in canada, broadcaster of National Hockey League the most famous sport of Canada.

Figures ($'000)

Revenue : 31,189,000

Profit : 3,766,000

Market Cap : 36,218 million$

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