Top 10 Companies in Canada 2015

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4. Canadian National Railway Co

True to its slogan "North America's Railroad" Canadian National Railway Co is the largest railway network of Canada.

Unlike India Railway sector is privatized and there are many small players operating rail routes across the country. CNR was formed in 1919 when government took over assets of many small railway lines which went bankrupt and formed a single entity. In 1995 the government privatized CN and interestingly Bill Gates is a major stakeholder in the company through its institutional investments. After privatization CNR acquired many small railway services in USA like  Illinois Central Railroad and Wisconsin Central Transportation. CNR currently runs freight operations only and hence higher scope of managing prices. It stopped in passenger operations in 1978 when government decided to seperate both operations and via rails controls the passenger operations of Canada. Since formation CNR has been involved in variety of business including hotels, real estates, telecommunication and even airlines .But slowly government followed a focussed strategy in which each business was either divested or made a different state owned subsidary.The export industry and abundant presence of raw materials contributed to its high revenue . Canada's resources are being supplied to US, Mexico and even in latin america through CNR's network. Currently CNR is regarded as the most profitable railway in northern america and its operating ratios are much better than its comparables. It also owns an allied business of CN radio and its technology is used across Canada and in some areas of the US to manage inter-rail communication regarding schedules to avoid collision. The company is innovating with use of natural gas as a possible fuel replacement of diesel engines and is also expanding its tracks right to the petroleum mine fields in order to decrease the oil wastage and fast transfer of the product.

Figures ($'000)

Revenue : 10,235,000

Profit : 2,680,000

Market Cap : 38,697 million$

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