Top 10 Consulting Companies in the World 2015

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7. The Boston Consulting Group

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S, the Boston Consulting group is yet another global management consulting firm.

It serves a large number of clients in public, private as well as non-profit sectors across the globe. These clients include more than two thirds of the Fortune Global 500. Some of these clients served by BCG are Ford Motor Company, IBM, Google, TATA Group, Russian Ministry of energy, Government of Canada and many more. The company has around 81 offices in 45 countries of the world.

This company was founded by an alumnus of Vanderbilt University and Harvard Business School, Bruce D. Henderson. He joined Arthur D. Little in Cambridge, Massachusetts after working for many years in the purchasing department of a firm in Pittsburgh where he got the idea of the experience curve from the pricing behavior. The Boston Group recruited him thereafter. It was there that he formed a one-telephone one-man consulting unit which he named as the Boston consulting Group. The employees of the firm overtook this company as an independent one when Henderson arranged an employee stock ownership plan in 1975. Four years later in 1979 the buyout of all the shares was completed.

BCG is one of the top recruiters from the prestigious institutes of the world like Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge University, London Business School, Oxford University and many other such institutes. Its recruiting process is very rigorous and extremely demanding requiring the candidates to go through multiple rounds of case and experience based interviews. It was also ranked as third most difficult to interview with by the career review site Glassdoor in 2013.

This firm has also developed a number of concepts which are widely used by many organizations throughout the world. The major ones are the Growth-share Matrix, the Experience Curve and the Advantage matrix.

Revenues (in $billion):3.95

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