Top 10 Consulting Companies in the World 2015

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6. Booz Allen Hamilton

Founded in 1914 Booz Allen Hamilton is world’s one of the oldest management consulting companies.

With 80 offices it provides management and technology consulting services to clients throughout USA. It serves as a security and defense contractor for defense and intelligence agencies and to civilian government agencies it provides security, technology and management services. The scope of its services span encompasses strategic planning, operational improvement, human capital and learning, economic business analysis, information technology, computer modeling and simulation and program management. Almost all of the company’s revenue in 2013 (99%) came from U.S Federal Government. Booz Allen Hamilton was also ranked by Vault as the number 1 firm in public sector consulting in 2014.

After his graduation in 1914, Edwin G. Booz came up with a theory that companies can become more successful if they could seek expert and impartial advice from someone outside their own organizations. A new profession thus came into existence. This was called management consulting and a firm was started bearing his name. In its early years it was hired to help the United States Secretary of the Navy prepare for World War II. In its 100 years of existence it has been hired to lend a helping hand in a number of public and private engagements. Some of these engagements include advising the breakup of Ma Bell and organizing the National Football league in 1960s.

The company went public in 1970 by offering initially 500,000 shares at $24 per share. However the public trading ceased in 1976 and the firm returned to its initial private ownership but with an entirely new governance structure. Booz Allen Hamilton started spreading its wings outside USA in 2012 by expanding its operations in the North Africa and the Middle East. It also known to have served the Government of United Arab Emirates by helping them create an equivalent of the Nation Security Agency for UAE. It was also reported by one of the Arab officials that the company taught them everything ranging from data mining and web surveillance to all sorts of digital intelligence collection.

Revenues (in $billion):5.48

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