Top 10 Bike Companies in India 2015

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9. Piaggio

Piaggio is a Italian auto manufacturer focused on production of two-wheeler motor vehicles.

Its product range includes scooters, mopeds and motorcycles. It has developed many strong brands like Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Aprilia, MotoGuzzi etc. Its most iconic product is ‘Vespa’ motor scooter, which became leader model in European scooter market after World War II. Before 1980’s, most of its market was focused on Europe. Piaggio started building up overseas markets, particularly in India and China. It provided an option to a large population in need of basic transportation. Its sales started dropping in early 1990’s, but Piaggio showed a turnaround in the late 1990’s based on the strength of its basic product, the scooter. Piaggio started to remodel its old products and launched them into growing markets abroad. This enabled the company to bump up its amount of profit on its substantial sales. In India Piaggio has established PVPL as the pioneer of 3-wheeler goods transportation vehicle manufacturer. PVPL started its operation in India in 1999 when it launched a 3-wheeler by the brand name ’Ape’. It became a success and has grown ever since increasing its loyal customer base.

No of units sold: 23,261

Market share (%): 0.17

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