Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in UK 2015

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5. Kofax

Kofax Limited (NASDAQ and LSE: KFX) is a leading provider of smart process applications that simplify the business critical First Mile of information intensive customer interactions.

Kofax combines market leading capture, process management, analytics and mobile capabilities that enable organizations to increase their sensitivity to customers, offer better service, gain a competitive benefit and better cultivate their businesses while dipping operating costs. The company is headquartered in Irvine, CA with subsidiaries in over 30 countries. It employs more than 1,400 people worldwide and has about 800 Channel Partners. Products of Kofax are available in 70+ countries across nations and they have a rich customer base of around 20,000 internationally. Kofax spectacularly changes and simplifies the business critical First Mile of real time, information intensive customer interactions. By making the First Mile smarter, companies can considerably add to the reaction to customers, offer a higher level of service, get competitive advantage and better administer and grow their businesses—while also deeply reducing operating costs. The spine “systems of record” that run most businesses were never intended to provide the high level of interactive self-service, speed, awareness, partnership and flexibility necessary to flourish in the age of today’s joined, fast-moving customer. Kofax works by providing a comprehensive software explanation that mechanically captures business critical interactions, from almost any source, not considering how, where and when they arise. Once captured, the substance of those communications is automatically extracted, validated and perfected. The software then starts or continues downstream business processes to join forces with customers to resolve any inconsistency, capture missing or trailing information, obtain compulsory approvals, and act upon and export the results into the appropriate systems of record—all while making sure of steady application of business rules needed for authoritarian compliance and internal governance.

Revenue in the FY 2014: $297 M

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