Top 10 Pharma Companies in UK 2015

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5. Janseen

In 1953, Janssen, which is leading pharmaceutical company was founded by Paul Janssen.

It is headquartered in Beerse , Belgium . Johnson & Johnson, an American corporation, purchased Janssen pharmaceutical in 1961. Now the company is the part of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical research and development. Janssen is the first western pharmaceutical company to set up a manufacturing hub in the Peoples Republic of CHINA. Ajit Shetty is the chairman and managing director of Janssen. In march, 2015 Tipofarnib got the licence from Janssen to Kura oncology. And it will assume all the responsibilities for developing and marketing the anti-cancer drug. At janssen workers are motivated to stimulate their creativity in every aspect of their Research work, and according to the CEO this is the key to the companys success.

Its’ best known brands are Neomeritine, Priamide-Janssen, Bilagol, Stugeron, Palfium, Haldol, Triperidol, Dipiperon, Dipidolor etc. Janssen brought 70 new active substances (NCE),some of them are Imodium, Motilium, Reminyl, Daktarin, Nizoral etc. Six drugs of Janssen was included in the Model List of Essential Medicines , published by WHO.

Revenues $32313M

Profit $16323M

Total No. of Employees 126500

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