Top 10 Travel Websites in World 2015

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8. Sky Scanner

Co- Founded in 2001 by IT professionals.

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It is a global travel search website dedicated for providing customers online comparisons for flights, airlines, car hire and hotels. Website offer services in more than 30 different languages globally. These include languages such as Chinese, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. Some of the major countries where its offices are located include United Kingdom, Singapore, Beijing, Miami, Barcelona and Shenzhen.

The website is free to use and customer can directly book their airline tickets from the booking agent not with the sky scanner. Sky Scanner help the customer to directly connect with the booking agent. So the airline / travel agent concerned will pay the sky scanner referral fee. Website also helps in online comparison of all airlines and this include scheduled and budget airlines as well.

Traffic sources are divided into three major sections for sky scanner with major proportion from Direct and search sources and rest are referrals. 90% of the traffic comes from the sub domain Geographically United States stands first in major traffic zone for skyscanner. Its top referring site has been Again from 31% of search traffic major sources is organic searched based (98%) and rest is paid search. Around 62% traffic comes through Facebook followed by reddit and YouTube. Its audience interest comes from social networking, travel and tourism and followed by airlines and airports.

Recently the site has acquired a Chinese travel company, You Bibi and Budapest based mobile app called Developer destination. Interesting feature offered by the site is Sky tools. This tool helps users to download and integrate flight related information into their own PCs or website. Application programming interfaces used for this tool are Flight Map API and WHOfiles API. These API assists the user to give real time flight information including routes and prices as well. Sky scanner has won many awards such as Queen Award for enterprise, Travolution Brand of the 2011, best flight comparison 2010, etc. The site has captured the market through its unique features and thus stands as one of the 9 best travel websites according to the Daily Telegraph.

Estimated desktop visits: 1989124

Revenue (in US $): $ 142M

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