Top 10 Travel Websites in World 2015

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7. Airbnb

Founded in 2008 by Brian, Joe and Nathan. Its headquarters are located at San Francisco, California, US.

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It offers travel related services across 34000 cities, 600 castles, more than 190 countries to around 25 million visitors. Registration is necessary unlike other travel websites. Here user needs to create his/her profile to make use of its wide range of services. The site has its review and messaging system which is updated regularly. In 2012 Airbnb has opened new international services to major cities such as Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Moscow and Sao Paulo. Others include London, San Francisco, Berlin and Hamburg. It has 12 offices in total. Recently the company has opened its new headquarter in Portland.

Main source of traffic for airbnb is direct followed by referrals and search. It stand third in United States in the category of Travel and accommodation. Bounce rate is 24%. Other sources of traffic for the company are Social, display and mail. United States is the leading country which is contributing to the large traffic followed by China and Germany. 72% of the users use organic search and 28 % are paid search based. Google is the only search engine used by user for airbnb travel. 4% of traffic is due to the social media where Facebook plays major role again. Main categories visited by users are accommodation and tourism only.

Major acquisition deal struck by the company was CrashPadder during 2012 Summer Olympics. This has made the company providing largest peer to peer accommodation in United Kingdom. Recently the company is in the picture of raising the funds through its business model and acquisitions. Major operations include Signup and reservations, Mobile reservations through App, Security is also a prime importance which is taken seriously by the company and Wish list feature where user can list the desired travel location and customize it accordingly later. Company also introduced a unique feature of neighbourhood which acts as a travel guide to the users and is very informative.

Estimated desktop visits: 1231233

Revenue (in US $): $ 720M

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