Top 10 Travel Websites in World 2015

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1. Expedia

Founded in 1996 as a division of Microsoft. Later formed as Expedia in august 2005.

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Its headquarters are located at Bellevue, Washington. Barry Diller is the chairman and Dara and Mark as CEO. It is a part of the Parent group called Expedia Inc. which offer famous travel brands such as, Trivago, Egencia, eLong, etc. It got the name Expedia because of its brand image as Exploration and Speed. This was decided by its First CEO, Richard. Some of its partners include AirAsia, AirAsiaGo, trivago, Eugencia business travel and Visa Assistance.

This world leading online travel company operates in United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, china, India, The Netherlands etc. Major services offered by the Expedia group include Hotels, Car rental, flights, Bus, etc. Some loyalty programs include Last minute deals, Weekend Getaways, holiday activities etc. The company has gained significant success through its merger and acquisition deals and also through divestitures. Recently acquired travel companies by Expedia are Travelocity, and Last three Divestitures were USA Network, USA Interactive and InterActiveCorp, IAC. According to Fortune Expedia is the most admired internet companies in United States and it is also America’s best managed companies according to Forbes.

Direct sources is the major traffic source for the company. Search traffic has 76% organic and rest as paid. Advertising is done through Google network display and intent Media. These account for 2.2% of traffic. Apart from Facebook, Reddit, YouTube social media Expedia also gain traffic through Stumbleupon and twitter which is larger for any travel website.

The company offers two business segments – Leisure and Egencia. Leisure segment provides its customers a melange of travel related and advertising services supported by its various partners. Egencia segment provides travel luxuries to corporate customers across its Europe, North America and Asia pacific region. Company provides all travel and non-travel related to its customers through variety of brands.

Estimated desktop visits: 216994374

Revenue (in US $): $ 5763M

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Ranking criteria:

This list is based on revenue and number of unique desktop visits by users’ for the period: From April’14 to April ’15. Desktop visits means the number of global users who access the website through desktop only. This list has been prepared using similar webPRO and compete analytics tool (an analytics tool for extracting information on website traffic.)

Methodology used:


1. Initially the list of 10 travel websites was obtained through similar web and compete analytics tool.

2. For 10 websites the traffic and revenue parameters were considered.

3. Two separate rank list were prepared according to traffic only and revenue only.

4. Minimum cut-off values for traffic: 10, 00,000 users and revenue (in US $): 100 M. Points are assigned to the websites for these two lists depending on their rank. For example, in the list sorted (from Largest to smallest) according to revenue, the website with rank 1 is assigned 100 points and all other websites were ranked according to the following formula:

Points assigned to rank 2 website = (Revenue for ‘rank2’ website / Revenue for rank1 website) * 100

5. Step 4 is repeated for Traffic list too.

6. Points obtained for both parameters are then added for respective websites.

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