Top 10 Conglomerates in USA 2015

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Here is a list of the top 10 Conglomerates in USA in 2015 based on the sales. USA is the most powerful economy in the world, with industries, manufacturing, automobiles, banking etc forming the backbone. Over 320 million people live in the United States, which accounts for 23% of the world’s GDP. It’s a worldwide leader in science, technology, education and business, and has the most powerful currency in the world i.e. the US dollar.

10. Dover Corporation 

The Dover Organization is a Fortune 500 company and S&P 500 producer of dedicated industrial products and apparatus within six segments.

Dover Corporation is based out of Downers Grove in Illinois, a west end suburb of the city Chicago. The company changed its head office from New York in mid-2010.Dover Corporation can draw its background from the Rotary Lift Corporation which was founded in 1925. Subsequently, in the year 1955, Dover Corporation was shaped having Rotary Lift as its primary division. Rotary Lift was the company which was involved in popularizing the hydraulic commercial elevator. Dover India Pvt. Ltd. is a Dover Corporation company. It currently provides development of software, structural Design and product checking services to the group of companies called Dover Corporation. Since its beginning in the year 2003, it has developed significantly and at the moment provides assorted services to several Dover group companies. In 2007, Dover also merged its 4 operating product identification companies into two industry groups. Thus the companies called Datamax Pioneer and O Neil Printer Suppliers Group were merged together to become Datamax O'Neil Printer Supplies, and also Markem Corporation and Imaje Group became Markem-Imaje. Inpro-Seal, which was a manufacturer of isolators for bearings, was bought by the Waukesha Bearings company in the year 2009. The company also included 150,991 shares of the common stock of Dover Corporation. In the year 2010, KMC Inc. and Bearings plus Inc. were further acquired by Waukesha Bearings Corporation which had the hope to integrate their seal technology with Dover. In total, Dover spent a sum of $436 million to purchase 16 companies in total, while only $100 million were gained in the sale of 8 businesses between the year 2008 and 2010.

Market Cap.: $12.44 B

Net Sales for FY 2014: $ 7.75B

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