Top 10 Telecom Companies in Australia 2015

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4. M2 Group Ltd

M2 Group Limited was started in 1999 by Vaughan Bowen and was listed in the Stock Exchange, Australia in 2004 under the code MTU.

The company entered S&P/ASX 2000 in the year 2012 and changed to its present name from M2 Telecommunications Group Limited in the year 2013. Besides being a retailer and wholesaler of Telecommunication services, the group is also involved in power, gas and insurance products. The company over the years has acquired a number of companies’ like- Protel Communications, Tenex, Unitel Pty Limited, Dodo, Eftel, Engin, Call Plus, Primus and others. M2 offers a portfolio of managed and traditional data and voice services and equipment and includes brands like Commander, iPrimus, Dodo, Engin and M2 Wholesale.

Headed by Geoff Horth, flexibly packaged company products are offered to customers around Australia and it has customer service in Hobart and Melbourne. M2 is connected in all major National Broadband Network sites and delivers a range of telecommunication services in three segments- Consumer, Wholesale and Business. For financial year 2014, consumer segment contributed 55% of total M2 revenues. Commander is the leading business brand of M2 catering to small to medium business segment and this segment contributed 33% to total revenues for FY14. The wholesaler unit provides full portfolio of services to junior telecommunication providers.

Net Income for Q3 FY15 as on 31 December 2014: AUD 19.3 million

Market Capitalization: AUD 1930 million

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