Top 10 Telecom Companies in Australia 2015

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1. Telstra Corporation Limited

Telstra Corporation Limited, Australia’s largest telecommunication company was founded on 12 June 1975 as result of renaming of Australian and Overseas Telecommunications Corporation.

Telstra is a tier one telecommunications company which offers a range of communication services. Telstra has its’ headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and it operates and builds market voice and telecommunications networks, internet access, mobile, pay television and other entertainment products. Telstra recognizing user needs built Australia’s largest fully integrated IP network and Australia’s largest and most reliable national mobile network.

Headed by Andy Penn, Telstra employed 31931 employees in 2014. Telstra Corporation has five core values: Trust each other to deliver, Find your courage, Better together, Show you care and Make the complex simple. Telstra strives to create brilliant connected future and has single guiding fact: it’s why we do what we do. Telstra believes that to create is their responsibility and aspires to give brilliant connected future to everyone. Telstra aims to achieve its values with determination, willingness, humility, courage and desire to learn. It has won a number of awards like in 2015 it won Asia communications award for Wholesale operator and CEO of the year, Telecom Asia award for best mobile carrier.

Net Income for Q3 FY15 as on 31 December 2014: AUD 1042.5 million

Market Capitalization: AUD 73480 million

Ranking Methodology

1. Top 13 telecom companies were chosen according to criteria that the telecom company had positive net income.

2. For the 13 telecom companies the net income for 3Q FY15 and Market capitalisation parameters were considered.

3. The telecom companies were ranked on the two parameters.

4. The ranks obtained in 3 for the parameters for a company were added.

5. Companies were arranged in descending order of cumulative values and top 10 were found. Company with lowest sum ranked as 1 and so on.

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