Top Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2015

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Here is a list of the top smartphone operating systems (OS) in the world in 2015. Smartphones has dominated the market of mobiles and provide a long list of features and ecommerce has acted as a catalyst for the m commerce. Today many people are aware of the newest and most excited mobile phones which comes into the market but very few are aware of the operating system being used which should also be the deciding factor for mobile phones. Most common today is Android version and Apple iOS but also windows OS has gain some momentum.

7. Others (Ubuntu Touch, MeeGo, Symbian, Brew OS, Sailfish)

Many other mobile operating system which are in the process of creating a market place are Symbian, Ubuntu OS, Jolla OS, Open WebOS, Verdict OS, etc.

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Market share: 0.6% (Combined)

Among these Symbian was the one which had its marketplace wide spread after Android years ago but now has been discontinued but still some mobile phones are using this OS at some places in the world.


Ubuntu touch is a mobile OS based on Linux OS. Ubuntu Computers has been accepted well and now mobile version is on the way. It is backed by Canonical and is hoped to cope with other new entrants such Firefox ad jolla. Commercial, design related and engineering support is provided by Canonical. Ubuntu is based on open source model.


Sailfish OS, developed by Jolla is based on Linux Family. Target market for Sailfish is mobile and general purpose mobile phones. This OS is preceded by MeeGo. MeeGo was a mobile platform and run on electronic and other handheld devices. It used to run on nokiaN9 series. Now it is discontinued and replaced by Sailfish. Series version 1.1 has many updates. Sailfish is based in Finnish language. It is running the applications which were running on android before. Sailfish API’s are being shared with Ubuntu and Plasma active. Sailfish’s new version is 1.1.6. Its OS includes a multitasking shell known as Lipstick, build by Jolla. Recently Russian government has decided to use this OS in its country. Finnish based company Jolla, is marketing this OS well in Hong Kong and this OS and Ubuntu are the prospects for new OS in the Mobile market today. Only targeting and positioning is important for them now. If bale to produce new and unique features these new OSs would be able to compete with other OS in market. Their combined market share is included below.


Developed by Linux Foundation, Tizen association, Samsung and Intel and introduced in January 2012. It is written in HTML5, C and C++. Its OS family is based on Linux.

Its profile include Tizen IVI (in Vehicle infotainment), mobile, TV and wearable devices. Samsung plays a major role for this OS and has recently introduced the Tizen based Samsung Z21 in Indian market. Tizen employs monolithic kernel system and has many OS licences in it such as GPL, LGPL, Apache License, Flora License etc.

Tizen has replaced Bada in 2013. Bada OS was developed by Samsung Electronics alone.

Mainly this OS is used by Galaxy Gear Smart watches. Also Samsung has Tizen source code for its firmware NX200 and NX300 cameras. Various features offered by this OS are native application development kit, SDK with the support of HTML5, Wayland for in vehicle infotainment, oFono related to telephony, Connmann is its network manager etc.

Technical steering group is the main body for the Tizen related projects supported by Samsung and Linux foundations. Various version of Tizen are Tizen 1.0 called Larkspur, Tizen 2.0 called Magnolia, Tizen 2.1 Nectarine, Tizen 2.2, Tizen 2.2.1, and latest being 2.3 released in 2014. But the market share is too low for this OS and its awareness in m-commerce is almost nil, it is just introduced in India where the mobile market is dominated by other giants such as Android and Apple iOS.

Firefox OS

Developed by Mozilla and was released in 2013. Initially it was announced in 2012 by Andreas Gal in Boot – to – Gecko Project, which was rebranded as Firefox OS. It is written in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and C++. OS Family is Linux based on open source model. Main target market for this OS are smartphones, Televisions and tablet computers. In 2013 this OS accounted for about 1% of smartphone market.

Three major software layers present in this OS are: Gonk- Combination of Kernel and hardware abstraction Layer HAL, Gecko – web browser Engine and Gaia- an HTML5 Support and User interface. It was a community based OS featured for thunderbird email client and Firefox browser. This OS is powered by Mozilla Corporation which has its famous Mozilla Firefox web browser.

OS offers adaptive search and supports games and various apps. Various versions of Firefox OS are : 1.0, 1.1, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.2.0, 1.2.1,1.3 versions, 1.4 versions, 1.5 versions, 2.0 versions and spark v1 is the anticipated version. OS has been ported to some devices include nexus4, 5, 7 Sony Xperia SP, HTC Pico, etc. Some specific devices focused y the OS include Cherry mobile ace, spice Fire models, Intex Cloud FX etc. Push notifications, conference calling and Do not track are few features added in the releases.

OS is available to 15 countries and on 7 smart phones. It has now also expanded to Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific region. Through its flexibility, scalability and customizability it has shown its presence felt in the mobile ecosystem worldwide but still has a long way to go.

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