Top Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2015

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6. Symbian OS

Developed by Accenture on behalf of Nokia. Originally developed by Symbian Limited. It was previously open source and later became closed source.

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Market share: 0.45% (Inactive now)

It was introduced in year 1997 and was widely used in Nokia mobile phones. It was multi Lingual based OS. Now it is no longer in use and stopped its manufacturing from May 2014. But it was able to grasp a market share of about 40% during 2001 and later also attracted 4% when other major giants roped in the market. At that time Android was shaping itself and now it is the giant. There were many versions for Symbian phones such as EPOC16, EPOC 32, Symbian OS 6 versions, Symbian OS 7 series, Symbian OS 8 series, Symbian OS 9 series etc. This OS was widely used in Nokia smart mobiles, Sony Ericsson, and others. According to Nokia’s reports, the complex OS structure which was rigid and not much user friendly eroded the market for Symbian and provided an advantage for other OSs. Actually Accenture had to market the OS which was not possible due to its complexity in later stages. Thereafter Motorola, Sony, Samsung all announced their withdrawal for Symbian leading to its closure.

Symbian’s S60 was gaining a lot of the market share through its features. Wide range of features offered at that time were: Wi-Fi version, touch screen, multi-tasking, FM radio etc. These features during that time were huge and new and thus attracted a large amount of customers worldwide.

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