Top Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2015

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5. Bada OS

Developed by Samsung Electronics and was written in C++. Its OS family was Posix.

Market share: 0.55% (Inactive Now)

It was introduced in 2012 but later was replaced by Tizen, Linux based OS. Its kernel was Real Time OS (RTOS) and Linux based. Its targeting market was only limited to smartphones. Although according to Gartner’s report it was observed that bada OS was able to capture 2.7 %market share among other mobile OS. Some gaming and sports company such as EA, Capcom and others showed their interest in this mobile OS during 2010 during its pre announcement. Samsung released about 2 versions for this OS. These bada devices were prefixed with wave such as Wave S8500. This OS was targeted from mid to high smartphones. Some of the features offered by this were: new GUI, dolphin browser, WZC 2.0 compatibility, near field communication technology, Open AL, Chat On messenger etc. Due to its privacy and performance issues it was discontinued by Samsung and later in 2014 was replaced by Tizen. This OS ceased to exist after 2013.

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