Top Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2015

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3. Windows phone OS

Developed by Microsoft Corporation and written in C and C++.

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Market share: 2.7%

The first update on windows mobile was codenamed as Photon. This initial project was cancelled and version 6.5 windows phone was initiated and later windows 7 phone which gained momentum. Windows phone OS is available in around 130 languages. Other predecessors in this category were Windows mobile and Zune Kin. Latest development is of Windows mobile 10.

Various versions for windows phone are – Windows phone 7, Windows phone 7.5, Windows phone 7.8, Windows phone 8, windows phone 8.1 and windows phone 10.Microsoft does not have that much share of market in mobile OS as compared to other devices OS. IT acquired Nokia in 2014. Even though it did not shown great improvement in its market share. Through the sales of Nokia Lumia and partnership with HTC and Samsung, windows phone has now attain the position in the electronic gadget market. Microsoft released windows 7.5 which was called as Tango. This major update from version 7 included multi-tasking and third party apps with mobile based version of internet explorer.

Some of the common features among the versions are – Zune HD interface, windows live, people hub, a dedicated physical search button called Cortana, MS office suite, etc.

Latest most selling windows 8 phones are produced by HTC, Huawei, Nokia and Samsung. Where Huawei stopped the production underlying the lower sales of windows phone and HTC was a major marketer of windows phone in 2012 accounted for about 44% sales. Later Nokia also became the major contributor for windows phones. According to IDC, Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 has been a major sales for windows phone. Now Microsoft is focusing on attracting the market for its upcoming windows 10 mobile OS.

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