Top Smartphone Mobile Operating Systems (OS) in World 2015

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2. Apple iOS

Developed by apple Inc. and also based on UNIX like family of OS.

Market share – 14.8%

This was written in C, C++, and Swift. This was introduced in the market in 2007 in apple iPhone. The iOS has closed source model unlike Android. Its kernel type is hybrid.

Various iOS versions are iOS -1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and latest being iOS 8. Its major updates can be done through iTunes online. These OS versions were made available to its various Apple products such as Apple iPhone and iPad, iPod, iPadmini, tablets etc.

Some of the common features offered in iOS series are iBook, integrated podcast player, car play, passbook, game centre, App store like google play store, nike+iPod, etc. Competition between the app store and Google play store is intense. Siri is personal assistant and knowledge navigator for apple devices. iOS provides elegant and intuitive features and lots of apps. With the help of iCloud the various software updates can be done from anywhere anytime and this keeps the phone updated. iOS also have inbuilt security and protects the phone from malware and viruses. Privacy is also maintained by encryption of the text through iMessage and FaceTime. Multi-tasking was first released in the version 4 of iOS. The iOS 5 introduced three new APIs (Application Programming Interface) - Newsstand, External accessory, internal accessory.

Recently in Developer’s Conference in 2015, apple gave a glimpse of its new iOS 9. Through this version Apple will make some changes in earlier versions and make more user friendly apps for customers. Also Apple hinted about its new feature called rootless which should check the jail breaking which is common practise in India so that no one can tamper with phone data and other security enhancements. Apple is also planning to introduce one new OS called OS X10.11 for Mac users, more focus would be on security and performance.

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