Top 10 Coffee Chains in the World 2015

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3. Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a café chain based in Canada and United States. It is headquartered in Missouri, St. Louis.

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• Revenue: 2.53 billion US$

It was founded in 1987 when the first store was opened in Missouri. In 1987, the company was purchased by Au Bon Pain. It bought a majority stake in Paradise Bakery & Café in 2007. It was the first company in this industry to voluntarily publish calorie values at all company-owned cafés. Information on nutritional value is also available on its official website for customers. The information disclosed is based on representative values provided by suppliers, its standardized recipes, industry standard software analysis, testing conducted in accredited laboratories, published resources and these are expressed in values based on federal rounding and other regulations. The official website also includes a nutrition calculator for the customers. Its offerings include a wide array of sandwiches, pasta, coffee tea and lemonade, espresso drinks, soups, fruit smoothies, salads etc.

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