Top 10 Airlines of Europe 2015

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Here is a list of the top 10 Airline Companies of Europe in 2015. Europe is the most powerful continent in the world comprising of the world’s largest and most powerful economies like UK, France, Germany, Switzerland to name a few. Along with being an economic power house, it is a global tourist destination, attracting millions of people from across the world annually. Airlines forms a major industry in Europe, and has been growing rapidly, thereby giving airline companies tremendous growth opportunities in business.

10. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

Norwegian Air Shuttle which trades as ‘Norwegian’ is the 3rd biggest economical transporter in Europe, the 2nd-greatest air-line in Scandinavia, and also the 9th-biggest airline in Europe when compared in terms of no. of passengers carried.

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It provides a frequent home flight timetable inside Scandinavia and also to commerce destinations including London and holiday places in Mediterranean and Canary Islands, carrying approx. 25 million people in the year 2014. Currently Norwegian has 100 aircrafts in which about 90 are ‘Boeing 737’ models and about 9 are ‘Boeing 787 Dream liners’. It is recognized for its distinguishing colors of ‘white with a red nose’, with personal pictures of notable Scandinavians on the fin of the tail. The company has its bases at cities like Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, London, Málaga, Barcelona and Madrid. Norwegian started its long haul ops in May, the year 2013. In procession with the mass of Norwegian's ops, the long duration flights are controlled by two entirely own subsidiaries. ‘Norwegian Long Haul’ is a lawfully disconnect unit with two distinctive AOC but shares marketable system with the others of the Group. Team bases for long haul are reputable at Bangkok, New York and Fort Lauderdale. Amidst 2011 and 2013, NAS has obtained ruthless criticism about its conduct to the employees. The press first covered NAS's announced purpose to release a base in Helsinki, from where it engaged pilots in short-term contracts, more than as members inside the corporation.

Revenue in the FY 2014: $2.519 B

No. of Passengers Carried: 24.0 Million

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