Top 10 Airlines of Europe 2015

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5. EasyJet

EasyJet was founded in 1995 by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou with the dream of creating a client focused product that would revolutionize the idea of air tourism.

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More than about 15 years down the line, EasyJet is Europe’s chief airline, and the UK’s biggest, carrying over 54m passengers a year. Easyjet Plc delivers passenger airline and carrier facilities. The main actions of the corporation and its holdings include carrier processes, aircraft tradeoff and rental. It offers hotels, voyages, gatwick fast trains, airport salons, Easy-bus and travel protection services. Its facilities are often in short haul and medium haul point-to- point paths. It carries a staggering 55 million travelers each year through its network and is UK’s largest airline. It also has a leading presence on Europe’s top 100 routes and functions on over 650 ways across over 30-35 countries. The company also enjoys a strong place in key markets which include the numero uno position in Gatwick, Milan and Geneva . EasyJet also operates a convoy of above 200 aircrafts with an usual fleet age of around 4 years and employs above 8,000 people as well as approx. 2,000 pilots and 4,500 cabin crew.

Revenue in the FY 2014: $7.5 B

Market Cap: $10.9 B

No. of Passengers Carried: 65.3 Million

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