Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World 2015

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Nexon Co., Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, develops and publishes free to play PC and mobile online games.

It was founded in December 1994 by Kim Jung Ju and Jake Song in Seoul and currently is a listed company in Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 1996, it developed and published its first title – Nexus: The kingdom of the Winds, that it continues till now.

The company, having attained worldwide success has established its offices in many countries, is the parent company of Nexon America, Nexon Korea, and Nexon Europe. Apart from that, it has 17 subsidiaries including Nexon M, Nexon Networks, Nexon Communications, Neon Studio, etc. Mostly known for being the leaders in multiplayer online gaming industry, Nexon gave the world its first graphic MMORGP, the Kingdom of the Winds, in 1995. They also started giving free access to their games, and enriching the experience by allowing them to buy game enhancements (virtual items) like pets and avatar customizations.

After the Kingdom of Winds in 1996, many title releases like Dark Ages: Online Role-playing, QuizQuiz, Elemental Saga, Elancia and Shattered Galaxy were launched. Its most successful title has been MapleStory that it launched in Korea and continues till now. In collaboration with Neople, its wholly owned subsidiary, it has also launched extremely popular series Dungeon&Fighter.

Revenues: $1.446 billion

Yoy Growth: -2%

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