Top 10 Gaming Companies in the World 2015

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2. SONY Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, is a multinational video game company.


It is a wholly owned subsidiary and part of the Consumer Products & Services Group of Sony. It was established on November 16, 1993 and specializes in many areas in the video game industry. They are the owner and largest producers of PlayStation, most famous gaming console. It grossed $6 billion approximately, including all Xbox and PlayStation non-hardware platform revenues in FY2014.

Sony Computer Entertainment is responsible for the production and sales of software and hardware of its PlayStation line. It also develops and publishes its own video games in its largest markets in North America, Asia and Europe. Its largest employee base is in the United States, with about 8000 employees in 50 different countries. The PS2 was one of the largest selling gaming consoles of all times, offering the best third party games available.

In the video game market, the prime competitor of Sony is Microsoft, with its Xbox series of consoles. Sony’s online services used to be free, but recently they have started charging for the privilege of playing online.

Sony is the primary competitor of Microsoft on the video games market. Their online services used to be free but recently they changed that and started charging for the privilege of playing online.

It has got many popular games to its credit, like God of War and Gran Turismo. God of War, whose six sequels have already been released has existed on multiple platforms under the Sony banner. However, Gran Turismo, since its debut in 1997 has got the title of bestselling franchise.

Revenues: $6.04 billion

Yoy Growth: 27%

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