Top 10 Media & Broadcasting Companies in UK 2015

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8. Channel 4

Channel 4 TV Corporation is a publicly owned media company which operates Channel 4 in UK.

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It is headquartered in London and was founded in 1982 as Channel 4 TV Company ltd. Channel 4 is a public television channel and historically it was established to give a fourth service to UK after two by BBC and one by ITV. It also operates 4seven which gives the audience a chance to catch up on the content of all Channel 4’s channels over a week. Its film4 is a subscription film channel and is available on satellite and cable. Its other popular channels include E4, More4 and 4Music. It also funds the production of films through channel 4 films and film 4 production. Its website offers detailed information on all the services it provides. It operated 4radio service in 2006 but the company in 2008 decided to focus on TV and the radio station was shut down.

Revenue: £908 million

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